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1) ShowerPants (Underwear) ShowerPants









Advanced Home Healthcare

Medical Devices

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Biometric Transmission


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For Swedish firms:


IPC helps Swedish innovation companies quickly and resiliently access international markets, investors (foreign hedge funds, foreign currency loan and other financial aids) and partner with professionals (universities and government organizations) tailored to each market need, by:


1. Conducting study tour(s), research activities and match-making between Swedish companies and investors in two key regions: Japan as a single market and the Asia Pacific.

2. Arranging investor visits to Gothenburg, Sweden to develop the region as a leading global hub of innovation

3. Developing and distributing information about the Swedish company’s innovative solutions, products and concepts quickly reaching potential investors, collaborating partners and customers around the globe.

4. Capturing awareness of Swedish established clusters in Asia Pacific and inviting foreign companies/projects/ researchers to use test beds, highly capable resources and develop commercial products in Sweden


For Japanese Firms:


Innovation Partners offers a strategic alliance for Japanese companies to share expertise and collaborate on solutions with Scandinavia and Europe with the purposes to create successful innovative businesses and to market revolutionary innovative products to the global standard.




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